Learn About Essential Oils, What They Do,
 Why They Are Important & 
How You Can  Love It...Share It and Make Money
How essential oils can improve your environment, mental and physical health and wellness!
Learn About Essential Oils,  How You Can Make Money Teaching  About Them
How essential oils can improve your environment, mental and physical health and wellness!
Inside These 9 LESSONS you'll learn about.
How Pure essential oils are revolutionary for families. 
 How they manage and support health.
How Oils are nature's most powerful elements. 
How to  bring them into your home
How to share these gifts with others and get yours for FREE.
  • How to use Essential Oils 
  • Essential Oils 101
  • Why Young Living?
  • Oils On A Budget
  • I Have My Kit.. Now What?
  • Self-Care with Essential Oils
  • Sharing Made Simple
  • NetWork Marketing 101
  • Young Living Business Basics
  • Unique areas for application
  • Can be used with coconut oil
  • Gently absorbed through skin to receive benefits
  • Flavoring and aromatic properties
  • Multiple benefits available through oils
  • Vitality Line specially designed for ingestion
  • Physiologic, mental and emotional responses
  • Can have positive effects on emotions, behavior and memory
  • Oils can be invigorating or calming
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Reasons To Join Young Living 

 Whether you’re drawn by our unparalleled commitment to quality or the opportunity to start a sustainable business, 
we’ve got plenty of reasons for you to become part of the YL family! 

Get Involved - Get Rewarded

Our Essential Rewards Program delivers members’ favorite products directly to their doorstep each month.
It allows you to get free, sought-after, and sometimes exclusive products every month with your qualifying order.
It is very Generous with many PERKS LIKE: 
YL Go Free Shipping Program, Earn up to 25% in Points,  Change Order Date, Get Something Different Each Month. Only a $50 Minimum, 

Benefit From Sharing

YL has one of the most generous compensation plans in the industry. Check out our most recent Worldwide Income Disclosure Statement for your earning potential statistics. Paid commissions amount to nearly 50 percent of all PV-commissionable sales!

Love It Share It 

At Young Living, it’s about the people and the product, not the profit. “I want everyone to focus on the caring and sharing with people, not the caring and sharing of money.” –Young Living Founder D. Gary Young.

Learn From Community

Our Training and Education Facebook page features Facebook Live events, daily tips and info on our wellness products, and a supportive online community for YL members and fans. We also have a Facebook group where we host online classes on specific topics.
More than 100 free tools in Young Living Central and Virtual Office, including product education presentations, shareable graphics, and many other resources which offer usage tips and information about every product line. 
Multiple events each year for you to learn and connect with other Young Living members, including education events, the annual International Grand Convention, farm events, recognition retreats, and the quarterly Live Your Passion Rally events in your area

More than 170 Charity Causes  

The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation is committed to empowering individuals to achieve their potential and defy limitations by providing wellness and education opportunities to underserved communities. Powered by Purpose for 10 years.  100 percent of all donations directly support Foundation projects. Young Living pays all administrative costs.
What Are People Saying About the Young Living Opportunity?
I love the peace and calming in my diffuser at night for sleep, raven for respiratory support, lavender and valor for emotional support, the animal scents ointment works amazing for injuries, the rose ointment is awesome for dry skin, I put citrus fresh in my water, use the laundry soap and dryer balls, thieves cleaner, mouthwash... I'm a fan of basically all of the products I've tried. I love that they give you free products all the time. Young living is pretty great! 😃
Morgan Penlerick
I have found where to find HOPE even when you think its Impossible! 
I have found improved health, people that are easy to work with and a 100% guarantee through a fantastic company called Young Living.
On my wellness journey I have come to know how to use products to improve my quality of life and health. I am able to do this because of the Seed to Seal guarantee, this one and only company can provide. D Gary Young always made products with a purpose and I know there is not any other company out there that can say this.
Brenda Schellhorn
 I had no intentions of sharing Young Living as a business at first but it just kind of happened generically when I decided to share at one vendor event. I had people coming to me instead of me cold calling them about something they may or may not have had any interest in. 
I liked this concept better so I continued to keep sharing. 

I  enjoy teaching people about a new modality of treating  their health conditions without using western medicine for everything.
 I met a few people who felt the same way I did and they also wanted to share. It really started growing and working great for me.

When my checks started becoming large enough to not only buy the products I wanted... but  also buy a few things that we had never had a chance to spend any extra money on before, I knew that I really wanted to stick with this company.

 I now have a residual income that if something happened to me or my husband today that kept us from working, we’d have plenty of money to live on. I also love the fact that my income is willable. If I pass away, then the money doesn’t just stop. It would go to my husband or my children and continue like that forever. To me that is the most comforting thing to know that I’m leaving a legacy to my family.

I’m am not at the top of this company yet but I plan to be if the good Lord sees it that way. Until then I have enjoyed sharing and learning with thousands about the benefits of Young Living and the benefits of network marketing and the freedom that they have given me and the many new friends I have come to meet on my way on this journey.

Jeanna Anderson
Young Living has been huge blessing for my family, not only for the amazing products and amazing people, but for the income opportunity. 

I initially got started to save money on great products and never intended to share, but once I love something and find that it works, I cannot keep my mouth closed about it, I have to tell everyone I know! 
That is just what I started doing. 

I shared how the products helped me and my family and showed others how it could help them and their families as well and that grew into something that now supports me and my seven children. 
It took work, and I had to learn a few things along the way, but it has allowed me to be home with my children while making the income of someone who works in an office full time. 
We are so grateful for Young Living.

Sarah Adamo

Wellness, Purpose, Abundance

Live Well & Enjoy Life
Just 10 years ago I began a journey to learn about living healthier… especially since I was watching my parents decline… spending much of their retirement money on prescriptions and healthcare costs. But the worst part was my concern about the enjoyment and quality of life as I aged. I feared what might happen to me. I didn’t want to get on the merry-go-round of traditional medicine. I saw where that led.

My desire was to be like my friend Alyce who was not only “aging gracefully” but with vim and viggor. I wondered what her secret was? I am glad she shared it with me. 

Do you want to know the secret to getting older while still living with wellness, purpose, happiness and abundance?

As the years went by I found it harder to maintain my weight, get enough sleep, and concentrate. I lacked energy, discovered new muscle and join discomfort, plus I often felt overheated. Have you ever felt like things were creeping up on you… that you were slowly loosing the battle? The struggle was real… but I was determined to find solutions that were natural and didn’t break the bank.

My plan was to start with my eating habits and exercise. That seemed logical… don’t you think? I was dedicated and consistent with the plan. But it seemed I kept hitting a wall… like what I was doing just wasn’t enough. There had to be something more!

I didn’t know what to do, where to turn, or who to ask. I was overwhelmed by all the conflicting information and opinions. That is when my friend Alyce invited me to a wellness class. I wish I could say I went the first time she invited me… but I was a bit skeptical. She kept talking about these oils and how wonderful they were. I told her I was now using the right kind of oil “olive and coconut”. She just laughed and said, “No, not that kind of oil.” What other kind was there? I had no idea what she was talking about. Thankfully she did not give up on me. I finally gave in and drove six hours to her class. I only have one regret… that I didn’t listen to her sooner.

I was hooked from the very first whiff of that beautiful aroma. A new learning journey began which was the missing link to not only maintaining and supporting my wellness but actually improving it. And it was much simpler than I ever thought it would be. The community of support, resources and encouragement that I got also made it fun. I felt like I belonged.

However, not everyone was as excited as I was. Many of my family and friends thought I had gone off the deep end with this toxin-free stuff laughing and scoffing at my new lifestyle. But that didn’t stop me, because I just knew with my knower that it was right for me.

In the last 5 years I have shared my new passion with over 400 families to help them transform their homes into a non-toxic environment. It is incredibly rewarding to see so many families benefit from using essential oils and plant based oil-infused products. 

If you are ready to create a healthy, abundant, and toxic-free life… you’ve come to the right place! Supporting a healthy body with essential oils has never been easier

The most important part of this journey has been the transformation that has happened inside of me. I know how frustrating it can be when you don’t feel at home in your own body, especially when it feels like you have tried everything.

One thing I have discovered which really works and everyone can do for FREE is “What We Think Matters.” Learning to take thoughts captive and choose words carefully will truly make a difference in every area of your life. 

I am “age gracefully” and will live with vim and vigor for the rest of my days. The way I look at health and my attitude toward aging have been transformed. I may be getting older but I am not getting old… because I have the knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, and products, I need to succeed, not to mention a support team to encourage me and hold me accountable.

Thanks for reading my story... 
I look forward to working with you and serving you on our Wellness Warriors Team. 
Sherry Jarvis 
Get Older Without Getting Old

Some of OUR TEAM

 wE Enjoy Life TOGETHER
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